RD&T event series is an extension of RD&T magazine. The series is an ideal opportunity to meet, listen to and learn from the greatest minds in the field dedicated to personal development and lifelong relationship success.

This event, like RD&T, will not be limited to interpersonal relationships. but will address topics using a more global approach. They will detail the most comprehensive conflict management techniques and explore the new frontiers of relationship success: with your life partner, children, family, co-workers, God/life, society, and with yourself. We will discuss the traditional principles that will dramatically enhance your life and our world.

The personal development and transformation of yourself is the controlling force in your life! Embark on your journey to improving the four main aspects of your life: health, fitness, financial freedom and relationships.

Come and experience speakers and thought leaders from around the world, who are hand-picked for their extraordinary teachings on lifelong relationship success. You will learn the key ingredients necessary to fall in love and for relationship longevity, to essentially create the relationships you deeply desire. Take control of your own future, transform your life and begin “Your Journey to Success.” There is no greater pursuit than a happy, healthy, evolved relationship. Join us in 2020 and transform your life with “The Ultimate Journey” to a more conscious, evolved, spiritual relationship. Success is your destiny!